Cape Cod’s Leading Answering Service

All Cape And Islands Answering Service saves you time and money, and offers the broadest range of services to assist you in managing your busy business.  We work with you, adjust for your needs, and pride ourselves on our high level of customer satification.

We are always here, never call in sick, never need time off, no vacation days, never have emergencies that affect day to day management of your business, no workers comp, no health insurance, no FICA, no Medicare contributions, no Federal employment taxes…WHAT A DEAL!  Not to mention no missed calls on a cellphone, no dropped calls, and “Silly Calls” at 3AM!  We answer those calls, screen and handle per clients individual guidelines.

If you run your business on your cell phone, how often have you been participating in a business discussion with a valued customer only to have the “flow” broken by it ringing, or worse a call you have to answer?  The moment and quality of the important discussion never resumes with the same depth.  Many discussions that would have ended with a successful handshake that establishes a long lasting business relationship fall victim to a ringing cell or office phone.

Maximize productivity and minimize loss.  Our streamlined services ensures that each of our clients is presented with excellent professional care.  Our broad range of business solutions can help you manage all of your communication needs and be successfully linked to maximize your business productivity 24/7 for you and most of all your valued customers and clients.